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Welcome to qTeller, the simple tool for digging up information on the genes hiding inside your favorite QTL or mutant mapping interval.

Links are to the publications in which different data sets were first published.

Genome Version:
To generate a spreadsheet of expression for all the genes in the genome select "All Chromosomes" and leave start position and end position blank. Chromosome:
Start Position (bp):
End Position (bp):
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Functional Data:
Expression Data Sources:
Seed 10 DAP (Davidson 2012)Leaves 20 days A (Davidson 2012)Leaves 20 days B (Davidson 2012)
Anthers (Davidson 2012)Early Inflorescence (Davidson 2012)Embryo 25 DAP (Davidson 2012)
Emerging Inflorescence (Davidson 2012)Endosperm 25 DAP (Davidson 2012)Pistle (Davidson 2012)
Seed 5 DAP (Davidson 2012)ABA Control root1 (Dugas 2011)ABA Control root2 (Dugas 2011)
ABA Control root3 (Dugas 2011)ABA Control shoot1 (Dugas 2011)ABA Control shoot2 (Dugas 2011)
ABA Control shoot3 (Dugas 2011)Osmotic Control root1 (Dugas 2011)Osmotic Control root2 (Dugas 2011)
Osmotic Control root3 (Dugas 2011)Osmotic Control shoot1 (Dugas 2011)Osmotic Control shoot2 (Dugas 2011)
Osmotic Control shoot3 (Dugas 2011)Osmotic stress root1 (Dugas 2011)Osmotic stress root2 (Dugas 2011)
Osmotic stress root3 (Dugas 2011)Osmotic stress shoot1 (Dugas 2011)Osmotic stress shoot2 (Dugas 2011)
Osmotic stress shoot3 (Dugas 2011)ABA root1 (Dugas 2011)ABA root2 (Dugas 2011)
ABA root3 (Dugas 2011)ABA shoot1 (Dugas 2011)ABA shoot2 (Dugas 2011)
ABA shoot3 (Dugas 2011)Adult Leaves with fungal pathogen (Mizuno 2012)Adult Leaves (Mizuno 2012)
Whole Seedling Control 1 (Zhang(Schnable Lab))Whole Seedling Control 2 (Zhang(Schnable Lab))Whole Seedling Control 3 (Zhang(Schnable Lab))
Whole Seedling 1 day cold treatment 1 (Zhang(Schnable Lab))Whole Seedling 1 day cold treatment 2 (Zhang(Schnable Lab))Whole Seedling 1 day cold treatment 3 (Zhang(Schnable Lab))